Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Saving Through Mortgage Refinancing

Saving Through Mortgage Refinancing by Nicholas Bregozzo

If you believe your mortgage isn't as suitable as it once was, perhaps it's time to refinance your mortgage. Also when you refinance, it's possible to incorporate other debts into the mortgage to handle them more efficiently.

When it comes to such an important decision such as refinancing your property there are some very important decisions to consider first:

1. Is your current mortgage the best deal for you?
Even though your current mortgage may not be the right one, it's a fact that most people are reluctant to refinance because they are uncertain about the alternative or are reluctant to "rock the boat".

Suffice it to say, by refinancing your property to a more competitive and suitable loan, you could save yourself thousands. There are hundreds of loans to choose from, each one different to the next, and its important to shop around and be an informed consumer.

Guiding you through this maze choice is your experienced and qualified mortgage broker, like the lending specialists Debt Fix uses.

2. Plan
Before you refinance your home, you should plan ahead and decide what you want to do and where you see yourself financially in 2 years, 5 years and beyond. When you speak with your mortgage specialist, you should make this clear.

For instance, do you intend on keeping your property, sell in a couple of years or keep the property as an investment to earn an income. Whatever the plan, there should be a suitable option.

3. Budget
It's important to know how exactly the new mortgage will fit in with your lifestyle. For this reason a budget is essential so that you know exactly how much the mortgage will cost, the benefits and savings.

4. Debt Management
When you refinance, it's a great opportunity to ease the burden of debt.
These days, it's common for people to have 3 or more credit cards and with consumer debt at record highs; debt for a lot of people is an issue. Through refinancing, you can eliminate this debt by incorporating into the mortgage, saving potentially thousands on interest.

5. Understanding the fees
In some circumstances, if you refinance your mortgage you may be charged a fee. From the outset, you should understand what these fees are (if and) and how they compare to any overall savings. Its fair to say that whilst there may be an exit cost, such fees may be bearable when looking at total overall savings for the loan

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